Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Having been unemployed for a while, I'd promised Susannah I'd apply gor a job at the mall. Once inside the mall, I'm standing in front of a jewelry store but don't want to go in to apply. it's late and stores are closing up. I wander around for a bit before leaving.

Friday, August 26, 2005

I'm at Lucy & Ethan's house when someone urgently calls me next door to see something. I peek in the window next door and see what appear to be people kneeling and praying. I assume someone I know has died. Inside, I see that it's just some people watching a TV new story about a kidnapping. I head back outside and walk through the yard. The lawn and driveway are littered with toys. I kick a few of them toward the house but give up cleaning them up.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm in front of my parents' old house on Otter Creek. A car pulls up and drops off an old lady. She comes up to me & asks if I'll take her grocery shopping. I go inside the house and tell my dad to put on some clothes. He runs into the bedroom in his underwear. I feel obligated to take the lady shopping since she lent me her car indefinitely.

Later, I'm in a brothel that looks and feels like Entertainment Outlet. I find a young Russian girl I like and ask her how old she is. She tells me she just turned 21. I don't feel good about getting together with her and trying to find a manager to confirm that she can work at that age. After running into several managers who are on the phone or look busy, one manager tells me that the girls here can work at 21. I go back to the girl and tell her the good news. She's shy and looking forward to serving me. i tell her I want a blowjob and to fuck her up the ass. We look for a room but they're all taken. We go to a nearby movie theater (that's showing a crappy sci-fi flick) and talk to the manager about using one of his back rooms. An employee comes out of a back room and tells us that it's after their usual hours and they don't have one available. We're dissappointed and try to think of an alternative. I don't want to check into a hotel since she's Kristen Bell and I'm Togher Grace.

Friday, August 19, 2005

I'm at home playing poker w/ Merrill, Silas & Brad. We're waiting for Brad to act and he sits there looking at us. We prompt him to act but instead he reaches into a bag for something. He sits and fiddles with something as we impatiently tell him to play. He sits and smirks at us and does something that drives me over the edge. I begin yelling at the top of my lungs at him, berating and insulting him. I tell him he can sit there all he wants but we're going to kick him out of the group and keep his money. I turn to Merrill to get her approval and she says nothing.

Brad is now miniaturized into the size of a toy and I put him and all his stuff into a bag and take him outside. I go down half a block and leave everything out with the neighbor's trash.

Back inside, I ask Silas and Merrill if I was too harsh. They don't really say anything to me. I hear my mom and grandmother in the room next door. I go in and hear someone in bed. I ask who it is and hear both my parents answer in the bed. I tell my mom that I want to go upstairs to see grandmother and she tells me to go ahead. I hear my grandmother crying as I climb up a ladder to her attic bedroom. She's in bed holding Sofia and telling her how mature she is.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Susannah and I and others have arrived at the Hamptons. I run ino a big mall/movie theater to return something. Inside, it's a huge restaurant that looks like Grand Central Station. I hear yelling and see my mom at a table alone, shouting in Chinese for us to come over. Susannah's mother runs through the place and gives my mom a hug. We go over with Sofia and I put her on the floor. She has no legs and shuffles on her fists. I tell everyone to notice her new skill. A woman from the next table scoops her up and holds her.


A friend and I are reading comics together. We finish a batch and reach for a pile of books. Among them are old issues of Time Magazine that feature Iron Man. I note that I didn't know that Time used to serialize Iron Man. We also thumb through some large tomes that feature an illustrated version of either the Bible or Lord of the Rings. The illustrations feature lots of explicit sex. I snicker and say, "Wow, they really stick close to the original text, huh?" I thumb through a few chapters, including where the Christians overthrow the natives of their new country.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'm in a huge house trying to deal with a shelf full of strange crab-like creatures. They crawl about, dripping a sap-like liquid all over the place. One creatures (which looks like a king crab) scurries off the shelf and onto the floor on its back. I run after it, grabbing an oven mitt from under the TV. As I chase it, the doorbell rings. I try to visually track the crab while I run over to the buzzer. It has three buttons, two of which seem to be for calling the house together for a meeting. I press the third button, then go and grab the crab.

Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm trying to drive somewhere with some old lady. I complan that someone her age shouldn't be driving anymore.


I'm in a hotel room watching a big burly guy wrestle with some young women. Two women tackle him to the ground and he smiles up at me, saying, "Can't complain about this!" Meanwhile, Tamara and I are wrestling as well. I have here legs while her head rest on the ground. I tell her I could kick her in the head & take her out. She points out that she can do the same to me.

Friday, August 12, 2005

We're on vacation at a B&B and I'm playing with a toddler. He's my son (though he's white) and we're wrestling around on the ground. I get the occasional guilty feeling about being intimate with him and brusj them off.


I'm trying to escape somewhere with two men in SWAT gear who remind me of Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes. As go up a flight of stairs and one of them grabs snow skis. I complain about not wanting to ski. Then one of them runs upstairs with lots of thick string and begin rigging something. We go back downstairs, trying not to get tangled in it. i pass a college student going upstairs and I tell him to be careful. He casually says, "Oh, you're doing the Bjorn-string transfer, huh?" as if he knows exactly what it's about.

Back in a room, a guy I know is at a small ping pong table. He wants to play and I begin clear the table of all the stuff on it. As I move cups of espresso, I see my cup of coffee has curdled. He begins hitting the ball across and I tell him to wait until I've cleared the table.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm in a theater watching a movie either starrring or about Eddie Murphy (though he's referred to as Charlie Murphy). The narration talks about him getting up in the middle of the movie and leaving (and causing the movie to end abruptly). The narration continues, "Charlie is getting complimentary handjobs from the bus driver's wife. Meanwhile the manager (or agent) is bedding both Charlie and the pilot's wife." I'm slowing entering a woman (presumably Charlie's wife) and I begin to cum. I grab my dick as it's cumming and run for the bathroom, trying to will myself not to have a wet dream.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Susannah & I are walking through the streets of Louisville. We walk alongside a highway off-ramp and try to find our way. We walk into a wide alley where people dressed in Star Wars costumes are posing for pictures with tourists. I get my camera out but hesitate to hand it to anyone to take my picture. I am now alone as I walk by the tourists & costumed people. I start to get bad vibes and I head down some stairs. Susannah is with me again as we descend several flights of stairs. It's dingy and water is dripping from the ceilings. We question what we're doing and decide to head back up.

Later, I'm back on the streets trying to find a place to eat or find our way out of the city. I look at an aerial view of the streets to figure out where I am.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Adam Hartzell and I are wandering through Chinatown (though it looks more like Sunset Park or the Sunset) trying to find some place to eat. We wander into a restaurant and they seat us at a large table that already has some people seated and eating. There are lots of plates of the same dish on the table and I wonder if they're going to come take out order or if they think we're with this large party.

Later, I'm saying goodbye to high school friends. I joke to them that they have to pick good colleges to go to so it'll be fun to visit them. My phone rings and it's the car service calling me. They ask me when I might need a car and I tell them in 14 minutes or so. The woman at the car service tells me that I'm out of luck. I hang up and tell my friends and suggest we might take the bus. One friend says he has to get back to Alaska. We look at a USA road map and we discuss the best road to take.

Later, a friend and I are trying to get into Amoeba Music to pick up a couple of CDs. We peer through the windows and see the gates are half down and that they're about to close (though there are still lines of customers checking out). We knock on the window and Mark Pittman opens the door for us. I tell him we're just picking up a few CDs and he (now Tony Green) grudgingly agrees. We go to a nearby rack and pick up a couple of local acts. I browse through the B's looking for The Blueberries.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Susannah & I are wandering around in a mall. We stop outside a spa and look in, wondering what it's all about. A woman with a stroller rudely pushes past us. We go down a few steps into the spa and see that there are rules posted. They state that you can only enter the spa with a towel and nothing else on. We go over to a stck of lockers and beging changing out of our clothes. There are little lockers & boxes where people are keeping their belongings. I have trouble getting out of my clothes and end up w/ my shorts and shirt still on. The towels are also too small to wrap around my legs. I lock the lockers/boxes but wonder how I'm going to open the combination locks later.

Once inside the spa, it looks like a home furnishings store. I see lots of people, all dressed in normal clothes. I get irritated that I had to be in a towel. I wander around several floors, looking for nothing in particular. As I go up one set of stairs, it becomes a flat escalator. I lie down on it as it moves up at a 45 degree angle. There are others on it besides me, looking like commuters. As it shoots up into the sky, I see that it enters a building ahead. I wonder if we are going to be crushed since we are riding on the outside.

We enter the tunnel without incident, the roof of the tunnel is very close to the top of the train we're riding. I watch the ceiling above me for a moment. As we stop, I look up to find myself inside an ambulance. I ask the driver how I can get back and he tells me that he can take me back to the station. He also says I can walk but it'd take me as long. I tell him I'll wait for him and his crew to get ready & thank him. Several other guys show up and throw duffel bags into the ambulance (now a minivan). On the seat next to me the bag squirms. I ask if it's a dog or a baby. A guy says it's a baby and I see baby arms pop out of the bag. The guy (the kid's father) pulls the baby out of the bag. The first thing I notice is that boy has a beard & mustache. I ask if he came out like that and the father laughs & tells me that his wife's a makeup artist. I also notice the kid's body and limbs are like little sticks. The father says the kid's 12 pounds and I stare in disbelief. He thinks for a second and says he's 143 ounces. I concur that it's 12 pounds (though I'm wrong) but can't believe that this stick-thin kid is 12 pounds. I say that 12 pounds is a good sized bowling ball. The ambulance driver agrees with me. Meanwhile the father takes the kids head & twists it, watching it spin back into place like a toy.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I'm in bed with Sofia (who's about a year old) and another older version of her appears on the bed. I tease them, saying that with my purchase came another little girl. Tommy Lee from Motley Crue is also on the bed.


I'm with Susannah in a Chinese restaurant/market. I want to get some lunch/breakfast. I don't see anything appealing at the take-out counter and can't decide on what to get. Susannah is trying to be patient though I can see she's wanting to leave. At the counter I tell the guy (who's white) that I want noodle soup with pork balls. He tells me it's $8-something. I tell him to hold on and pick up a menu from the counter. The special side of the menu has few items and it's mostly in Chinese. I ponder over the choices, taking way too long. I look behind the counter and see fresh seafood by the pound. Behind some of the lobsters, I see strange shelled creatures sitting on shelves.

Finally, I ask another (Chinese) guy what the chef's special is. He looks slightly confused and asks me what I would like. Then he says it's something to do with cheese. A woman walks by (she looks like the owner to me) and I ask her about the special and whether there's any vegetables or meat in it besides cheese. She's busy with a tray full of freshly fried chicken which she's taking apart. I wonder to myself if I could get some of that.