Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's late at night & I'm staying at someone's house.  I'm sitting by a bed and going through a mound of magazines under it.  I find a Maxim, Playboy & a Hustler.  I flip through the latter but it looks more like Mother Jones or Adbusters, filled with hard-hitting, edgy articles.  I look up and there's a guy in the bed (one of AJ's roommates).  I ask if I can borrow several other magazines & he nods.  

I go into the living room and a grandmother & her young granddaughter ask me for a mattress.  I get them an inflatable mattress and some sheets.

In another room I can hear Susannah & her sister talking quietly in the dark.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I'm in an Amoeba-like store just filling in for the day.  A teen girl & her mom look lost & I go help them.  The girl tells me she looking for some song & gives me a few lines to it.  I think it's Avril Lavigne & head down an aisle to help her find it.  The stacks are a little confusing & I run back & forth, first looking for L, then for A.

A coworker jokes with me about vacuuming and I tell him that I'm not vacuuming for anyone.  "well, maybe for Tommy (one of the managers)."

In one of the offices, I see Eric Norris (high school classmate) and he waves me in to help him move some old furniture out of a room.  As I help him I notice he isn't doing any of the work himself so I stop.  I ask him how he's doing and we smalltalk for a bit.  I tell him I'm just filling in a bit here but I'll be starting here fulltime in the fall.  He's a psychiatrist on staff here.  I joke that we could've used one when I used to work here.

Outside, I'm walking with John Garcia.  We're talking comparing housing costs for San Francisco & New York.  I tell him that New York actually has better value for your money.  He describes his place in SF, a 3 bedroom for $400K.  I tell him about my place, a 2 bedroom for over $500K.  "I guess in this case, you have a better deal."

We're on a street corner deciding where to go.  It's almost 11 and I ask him if he wants to go to lunch.  He says it's too early and he has to go get "drawn."  I tell him I can draw him myself and pull some chalk out of my pocket.  We stop by a wall and I get ready to draw him on the wall when we hear a few "pops" nearby.

We look over to see a hooded figure firing at someone we can't see.  We start running around the side of the building.  John peeks behind him and sees the gunman retreating towards us, still firing.  We keep running around the building but the gunman's coming right for us, shooting backwards as he goes.  We put our bodies against some parked cars as he races by us.

Friday, June 08, 2007

I'm in a darkened courtyard walking somewhere when a blue pickup/SUV plows through a parked car & screeches off. I try to remember the license number and call 911. I report the hit & run but the police officer on the phone is dismissive. I ask to see his supervisor and we talkin person there in the courtyard. I give him a sheet of paper with several possible license numbers.

The supervisor takes his overweight, older subordinate to a small rivine an dmakes him submerge himself. He's trying to destroy the evidence and has to make a good show of the subordinate injuring himself. He's pretty pissed at this subordinate and also angry at the psychic who works for him.

She shows up on the top of the steps and throws herself off the ledge, trying to commit suicide. She falls to slowly to the bottom and instead only injured herself. She cried at her failed attempt and a man swoops down to rescue her.

He's back at this hideout & the woman's resting. The man is a robot/android, his torso chasis removed, revealing his infrastructure with organs and tubes transporting blood. He's at a complex coffee-maker-like device dispensing blood into a cup and drinking it. His mug has a bunch of text on it extolling the benefits of organic British blood. As he drinks the last of it, he realizes the blood is industrial and not organic and gets annoyed.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I'm inside someone else's house trying to figure out the bathroom. There's a built-in urinal/toilet in one of the beds and I can't quite figure it out. I head back outside and see the homeowner's brother, a young veteran, and I go to introduce myself. I avoids my hand and doesn't shake it.

I wander to another part of the house and find a guy doing tattoos. He starts doing something on the inside of my mouth and I'm able to see the images. He's tattooing patriotic slogans and I pull away and scream at him, "Don't you fucking dare write things I don't believe in! You ask first!"

I'm now standing in front of a arcade game screen and all the people appear as little icons. I begin squishing them all with my fingers until they pop, bleed & turn green/gray.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I'm in my big loft apartment when a van full of young mobsters pull up. They barge in the door, looking for the guy who lives next door. He owes them money and they've been collecting regularly. One of the mobsters pulls me aside and tells me not to worry. They begin movie a large table into the living room and clear everything off it. I start to protest but the lead mobster tells me to relax. I suspect they're waiting for him to come home and will kill him in my house. I step outside to watch them park their van and I collapse on the sidewalk for a moment, feeling guilty to be a apart of this.

As they continue to set up, I grab my wife & kid (who are non-distinct) and another couple & their kid and start heading upstairs. As we're heading up, Tim, Joy & Logan show up and I usher them quickly to the elevator with us. Joy wants to tell me something in confidence but I tell her there's no time. We get to the elevator and Joy step on. The others wait outside to give us privacy but I insisten that everyone else get on right away. Joy huddles close and asks me what I think of the idea of having Nancy Grace do a show on post-partum depression. I tell her it's probably already been done. I breathless tell the group that I'm associated with a certain mobster (everyone knows it's Tony Soprano) and that his associates are going to be "taking care of" someone in my apartment. As I'm talking, the elevator arrives at the 2nd floor and begins to open. I gesture towards the buttons and one of us hits the "door close" button so I can continue. I tell everyone we have to spend the day upstairs until it all blows over.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

I'm sitting at a poker game with a few other people. It's the end stages of a tournament and I barely survive an all-in. I feel like I've lost the game and begin to lose concentration. The others have to remind me to deal myself in and I misdeal a few times. I notice the table is covered with newspapers.

Friday, June 01, 2007

I'm standing in a room with a Chinese beaurocrat/businessman. He's wanted for some corporate crimes in the USA and I take hiim into a waiting car outside. The driver starts off and I start talking to Tobey Zigler & Josh Lyman from the West Wing in the backseat. I'm separated from them by a large box. The businessman is defiant and tells the driver to "take me to the Chinese embassy." The driver says he taking him to the Embassy Suites instead. Tobey & Josh are happy about their catch but the businessman says, "Your country still wants to do business with ours and nothing will happen to me. They'll slap me on the wrist & send me back. I'll lose my government job but I'll be back here in no time. Maybe as a consultant. I know I'll have a job in the near future, will you?"

Josh seems optimistic despite his smarmy speech. "I guess that's what you like about this show, huh? No matter how cynical the real world is, the idealists always win out in the end, huh?"

Later, I'm in a store owned by Maarten & Jessica in Holland with Susannah's dad (who's in the body of an attractive 40-something blonde woman). The store looks like a messy lawyer's office and specializes in books about architecture & design, as well as stationary & gifts. We're talking in the empty store and I want to get away. I grab two wrapped gifts and tell Joel I have to drop them off. I ask him if he wants coffee. He seems confused so I convince him he does want coffee and offer to get him black coffee with a couple sugars. As I head out, I see a huge line of people about to come in. I come back inside to help him with the store.

He's now a cross between Ileda & my mom's mom. She says something in Dutch & I shrug. She laughs and asks if I like the language. I tell her it's not too hard to understand and I can usually decipher it if I know the context of the conversation. A customer she knows comes up and she greets him. She begins talking about where Jessica & Maarten live and her Dutch quickly turns into Wuxi dialect. She begins describing their house.