Sunday, August 31, 2008

I'm sleeping at home when I hear someone's voice downstairs.  I head down (in a large immaculate house) to check on Susannah.  A young man (Havad Khan) is making breakfast downstairs.  In another bedroom room, Susannah stirs as I walk in and I tell her to go back to bed.  I walk back by Havad and he tells me he's trying out the new TV.  As I walk back to my room, I turn off lights as I go and I'm irritated at him for turning on all the lights.  I walk by a sitting room and see the TV and light on in there.  I walk in to turn them off and I hear a voice say "Hi."  I look up and see Lynnette floating w/ her back to the ceiling.

(I wake w/ a start).


I'm at Sunday school learning songs when I start getting really annoyed.  I ask the girl next to me who makes the curiculum for the classes and she says she thinks it's Mrs. Kerns.  I tell her I'm not sure who that is but that I'll probably just go into the office & see.  I'm planning to drop this class & tell the teacher I came in with an open mind but I'm learning nothing but stupid songs.

The teacher (a young male teaching assistant) hands back some tests and I see that I did pretty well.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm in a school w/ a shotgun filling my pockets full of shells.  I go outside and start threatening students and herding them inside.  Some of them seem skeptical so I let off a shot into the air.  One girl looks defiant and doesn't budge.  I shoot the wooden porch she's sitting on.  She flinches but holds her ground.  I get in her face to intimidate her but she looks slightly intrigued or turned on.

Inside, an adult starts reaching for a gun and I grab it first, telling him what a dumb move that was.  It's a semiautomatic pistol w/ lots of gadgets on it.  I flick a switch and a flashlight swivels out.  He reaches for it to show me something and I wave him back.  Another guy comes over to show me the gun and I let him, keeping my shotgun on him.  As he shows me how the flashlight works, he shines the beam outside the door revealing a still background scene from The Simpsons.  

I apologize to him for the whole incident, "But now it's gone so far that there's no way out but bloodshed."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I'm at a kids ballet recital when I hear a little Korean girl badmouth the other kids.  I take her aside and have a heart to heart about being nicer & how winning isn't everything.  She starts acting nicer (and sort of sad) and sits in my lap.  I realize I know her but isn't sure whose kid she is.  I ask her and she says, "Yoko."  "Yoko Kato is your mom?"

I look around the audience for her parents & they're nowhere to be found.

later, I run into Bennett Horsely and tell him I've had a weird dreamlike experience where he was a little hapa girl.  We're on a bus as I'm telling him all this when another bus passes.  I recognize the driver as AJ.  I tell Bennett we have to switch busses and we get off at the next stop.

I barely make it onto the other bus but Bennett does not.  I look up at the driver seated high up in the back of the bus but it isn't AJ.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm @ Bud's Gun Shop shopping for .38 ammo.  I keep seeing boxes of it but they're all shotgun shells.  I ask a clerk about when their gunsmith is in to see about repairing Joel's two jammed guns.  He tells me usually it takes a couple of hours.  I tell him I'm only planning to shoot for about an hour and he suggests waiting in their cafe/restaurant.  I look around at the short order restaurant and consider it.

Later, I'm in a Star Wars video game flying the Millenium Falcon through space.  We see a giant worm & fly directly into its mouth and back out again.