Thursday, November 19, 2009

Susannah & I are vacationing in a small town. We go to a indoor/outdoor pool to swim and need to find towels. We go to the lifeguard & he gives us some towels recycled from old tapestries or t-shirts (mostly heavy metal). I notice a lot of goth kids & people in elaborate prosthetic makeup. As we head back to the pool, we see lots of them wading through the pool, getting it dirty. As they walk & dance in the pool, I see an Asian guy dressed as a zombie chef also wearing an orange hazmat suit dancing like crazy. He has on cracked black-framed glasses.

I go to look for Susannah & tell her I saw someone who looked like me.

Now we're in a toy store where things are just a little bit different. I see a little girl on a table (maybe Sofia) getting a costume or something attached to her. As I wander the store, I see Susannah outside shopping for furniture in an outdoor market. Jessica is with Sofia and tells me Susannah's outside.

I head outside & walk under a huge tree. I examine the branches and see that it's a sea bean tree. I tell an overweight tourist woman about sea beans (though this tree's already been harvested). We walk over to another tree that's heavy with clusters of fruit that look like lychees. I pluck a cluster but am afraid to try it. Another woman starts eating one & I also try one. It tasts like a firm strawberry with a hard pit.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

I'm in San Francisco just after a blizzard and I walk to Wei Ming's house. It's a large NYC style brownstone & I'm looking at the directory to see which apartment is her's when someone enters the building & I follow him. As I head up the large staircase, I see Cathy Nguyen coming down w/ a group of people. We hug & I look to see who has her newborn. Down in the lobby, I ask her how everything is and she seems very overwhelmed w/ motherhood. Tamara is also there and she's unpacking her bag. Everyone is gathered around a table, setting out papers & art supplies. I ask her what's going on and she seems mildly annoyed that I don't know. I tell her I was just here to visit Wei Ming and she tells me that it's an artists' round-table/work session.