Tuesday, February 26, 2002

this one's more literal than my usual dreams...

I'm with Susannah & her sister Jesssica. I'm supposed to meet my friend AJ for dinner at this restaurant at 8 but I seem to be stuck at a work-like place. By the time we get out, it's already 8:25. We head home instead. I then walk over to AJ's house (along the way realizing that I don't have my house keys, only keys to Lynnette & Tom's place). I knock on AJ's door and it opens. He's inside and a little irritated that I stood him up. I tell him to come home with me for dinner (we were cooking a massive amount of pork chops). As we walk home, I tell him I might have to run soon to take Jessica to the airport. It's about 8:40 and her plane leaves at 9:15 or so. AJ figures I should leave about 8:55.

Time seemed to play a very crucial role in this dream.
late entry from 2/22:

I'm going into a building, parting ways with some colleagues when I notice someone suspicious (Furio from the Sopranos) entering the building ahead of me. I'm with Josh/AJ as we go up stairs. We split up as Josh/AJ heads for the exit, saying "Call home," our code for "call me at the payphone downstairs". I keep following the other guy and towards my apartment.

As I rush home, the floors start looking like a mall. I rush past some young black men, bumping one as I go by. He & his friends start harassing me. One huge guy falls to the floor and I almost trip over him. As they close in, I round a corner. A cute black woman wearing a bathing suit gives me a kiss and a present. I want to return the favor but I'm on the run.
late entry from 2/21:

In some spy senario, I'm trying to escape a guy who's after me. I get on an elevator that goes thru floors first through 4th, then skips to 8th. I end up on a garage level on the 8th floor trying to hide from him. I sprinkle a powdered delayed explosive all over the ground and wait for him to walk on it. He comes up but the explosives don't go off. I hide behind a pole as he comes looking for me. It's night time.

Eventually I end up at a hotel/school. I walk into the library and see the guy. He's the repairman at the school and looks like Sami Ibrahim (from WRFL). I walk up to an official looking guy who recognizes me. He says "Sorry about our reporter friend" (referring to my enemy).

I realize that the guy chasing me wasn't a secret agent, I was. But I also wonder if the reporter thing is just a front.

There was also something about dressing as a woman to escape. Lots of running and hiding...

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

had some vivid ones recently, can't recall a thing. Mostly because I'm staying with friends and don't readily hop on the computer after waking.

Friday, February 15, 2002

Been a while since the last blog. Been busy moving to New York, y'know.

Had a series of vignettes the other night. Something about driving a car and the steering wheel coming off. I tried to reattach the wheel while trying to keep the car on the road. I ended up finally throwing the thing into park and putting the car to a halt.

forgot the rest...