Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm in a mall or a cruise ship looking for something to eat. I wander around and only run into 4 types of food, none of which look that appetizing.

I ride an elevator up to the 5th floor. At the 4th floor, the door opens and there's a lavishly dressed alien waiting (she looks like something out of the Star Wars prequels). I make a loud threatening noise and scare here. She jumps and the elevator keeps going up. At the 5th floor, I realize I need to be on the 4th floor so I go back down. I look at my reflection in the wall of the elevator and notice my hat is way too big. I keep trying to adjust it. Back on the 4th floor, the door opens and I stalk past the still-scared alien. I walk through a hallway lined with food. I want to eat but realize I'm pretty full.

Later, I'm looking at photos of poker players. In several, Howard Lederer and company are dressed in quilted Chinese jackets and look quite out of place. In another, a bunch of pros are posing on a yacht. The inscription reads "Poker champion and two-time cable installer (so & so) is seen next to Howard Lederer, TJ Cloutier, etc" I start to hear about all the pros taking a trip together out into the arctic. I walk by some of their equipment and wonder out loud why they're always going on cold weather adventures.

Friday, April 28, 2006

I've just pulled off a heist the night before and I'm trying to figure out what to do. Something had gone wrong and all my cohorts have scattered. I find Susannah and try to hand her a leather binder full of blank envelopes. She takes them and we go into a store to find a bag to put them in. I grab a $34 leather backpack and hand it to her but she has to look it over. She asks me if it comes in "Vichy Brown." I tell her just to take and she starts making a scene. I grab her hard and drag her out of the store, reprimanding her for potentially getting us caught. At the door, we split up and I walk through the mall to exit. I walk by a Korean restaurant that's renovating. There are some customers inside and they're all eating mandoo dumplings.

Once outside, I see Susannah coming from around the corner and I try to put some distance between us. Someone throws a live fish onto the doorstep and I hop over it, nearly slipping. I get my phone out and try to remember the number for the heist leader. I scroll through my calls to last Sunday night at 12:08am (there are also pictures that accompany all the calls). I continue walking quickly as I call him.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

I'm on a beach with my dad (Michael Douglass) as he's being blackmailed/threatened by some woman. She's some sort of royalty and looks like a regal Gypsy. My dad is thinking things over, looking very old and defeated. I try to color his white, dry hair with a black pen to no avail. He finally begins to sign the papers brought by the Gypsy. I leave them to it, addressing them as Madam and Senator, respectively.

I run off unto the surf and find it overcrowded with beachgoers and try to find a less crowded spot.

Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm in a darkened room looking at dioramas of Star Wars figures. They're mostly battle staions full of storm troopers. There are some parts of the diorama littered with parts & pieces of figures. Yoda is in the room watching me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm immersed in a live-action shooter video game. I'm prowling the rooftops with a small submachine gun looking for targets. I sneak up on some cops and begin firing. I hit one cop, a middle-aged black detective, who begins to saunter away. He's half-heartedly talking about getting backup.

Back down on street level, I see Tom & Lynnette with Susannah. Lynnette excitely asks me for something to do with Susannah. Susannah is curious as to Lynnette's excitement. I tell her that Lynnette is trying to program a version of The Sims to play after we've moved and she's trying to figure out what "Susannah" likes to do. I tell Lynnette that just like in the game, she should try stuff until she figures it out.

A bus suddenly pulls up between us and a criminal begins shooting at me through the window. I fire back but my small calibre rounds can't penetrate the glass. The criminal, a bored-looking young white man, steps around the front of the bus and continues shooting at me with a pistol. I keep firing back, to little effect.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

I'm with Susannah when I run into someone I know. He's a European in a wheelchair and I recognize him but forget his name. I tell him I know his name but can't pronounce it. He reminds me that he's Icelandic. I see that he has cerebral pals and is accompanied by a couple of helpers. He helped me publish some work in the past and I feel a little sorry for him,


I'm in a school gymnasium trying to hold the room from hostile forces. A few old people and kids enter and I tell them to get the hell out. I have a blue WWII-era grease gun that I fire over their heads. The bullets barely penetrate glass and I get frustrated with it. The bystanders don't seem to listen to me. I run back into another room where weapons are being held. I yell for the woman in charge to give me something bigger or stronger to use. She half-jokingly offers me a knife. I ask her for ammo for the AK-47 and she tells me she's all out. I ask her, "How am I supposed to do my job with this piece of shit?" She shows me the few remaining clips of ammo under the table and they're all for small pistols. I run out and then back in, indignant at the knife comment, "I'm trying to hold the line the b est I can and you offer me a knife?!" She apologizes and I head back to the gym.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Susannah and I are in a large old house we're trying to buy. As we walk through and try to figure out which rooms we want to use for what, someone tells us that some of the rooms we like have been bought by someone else. We're annoyed that we we didn't get first shot at it.

Monday, April 10, 2006

I'm in a TV studio about to be a guest on a variety show. The host is a Ricky Gervais-esque pompous boob. He's giving all kinds of camera direction & bossing people around. I pace back & forth waiting for my cue. As the introduction of the show begins to tape, he continues to give camera direction, telling certain cameras to hold for dramatic effect. Instead of introducing me, he begins a musical number. Members of The Jets begin performing a version of "Crush on You" with some of the lyrics changed. I get really irritated and wander around the studio waiting for it to end. The rest of the crew are also irritated (though they seem used to it). After the number ends, the host begins yet another unscheduled segment. I'm fed up at this point and start thinking of ways to interrupt or sabotage the show. A woman is walking otu and I stop her and ask her to dance with me on camera. She is amused and agrees. I throw off my jacket and we begin to dance our way to the cameras. I stop when I see several large boxes coming down the escalators. I open them up and see large toys inside (they're inventory for the host). I begin taking things out, making a mess as I go. I take out a toy gun and begin shooting foam balls at the host.

I make my way through the studio (which is on a cruise ship) and try to find other disgruntled employees. In one stateroom, I find several of them talking. I gripe to them and suggest we all quit since there's only a week left on our contracts anyway. They tell me that they heard the host is looking for me. I tell them to turn me in if they like and not to get into trouble on my account. I run out of the room and up the stairs.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

I'm inside a Reynolds Building-like art facility trying to look for a teacher who was supposed to give me a ride home.


I've parked my white Honda Accord on the street adn double check several times to make sure it's locked. As I walk away from it, I see a guy with a goatee get into it. I think he's someone who's supposed to be sharing the car but I'm not sure. I realize that my purse and ID and credit cards are inside and get frustrated. I walk down the street to the Chinese restaurant where I'm supposed to be meeting John for lunch. He's not there yet and I start to walk out. The waitress tells me in Chinese to sit and wait. I tell her I'm waiting outside. I notice plates of dumplings getting cold on the tables.

Outside, I keep thinking of who might know the guy who took the car. I'm thinking of calling Merrill, Marion or John but I don't have my phone with me either.

Monday, April 03, 2006

I'm in a very dark prison-like place. I'm huddled with a strange group of prisoners and listening to a young man talk. He's naked and shows us what he calls spider veins on his anus. The group quietly disperses, much to the young man's dismay.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

I'm at home in the midst of some strange goings-on. Susannah and a young gay man are in bed asleep. I lock the door so that people won't discover them and freak out. Another guy is stuck inside the tea kettle. I take the kettle off the warming flame and ask the guy if he's hot. I start running cold water over the kettle and I hear him squirm and fuss. A weird looking frog jumps onto the sink from out of nowhere and I start to freak out. I see a bunch of other crustaceans and other creatures crawling about and I start getting stressed out.


I'm walking with Gene Hackman to his townhouse. He needs us to do something with his estranged wife. I buzz his house and a recorded message (from him) comes on in English, then German telling us to leave a message (the wife's name is Von Something).

Gene lets us in and we enter his surprisingly small townhouse. His wife is sleeping in the bed and we tiptoe to avoid waking her. A man enters and hands my companion a gun. In the next room, Natalie Portman is asleep in bed and I tell one of the guys (a large henchman) to go in the other room and be quiet.

George Lucas appears and we begin talking with him. It seems like Gene and George are sharing a mistress (Natalie). George begins to leave but is dawdling.