Monday, December 31, 2007

I'm watching/inside a monster movie. A giant squid's tentacles appear from the water & grab a couple people. I see credits come up on the screen that include Roy Scheider, Jennifer Ehle (actually Jennifer Carpenter).

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm walking down some stairs made of hay bales into a underground barn. The bales are soft and the path down is precarious. I enter the cavernous barn with someone else and we look around for something.

Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm in someone's backyard when someone calls me to a shed. She shows me a mother cow & a calf and tells me the calf is a newborn. She's hinting that she wants to give it to me and I call Susannah over to see. I pet the calf & comment that his fur feels like rough carpet.

Inside the house, I'm talking to Tamara, Susannah, Tom and others about cooperative farming. I ask if anyone's heard of a system where adjacent houses share a small plot of land to raise animals and grow crops. I ask Tom if he thinks people in Richmond would do it. He scoffs and mentions that people are always taking down his political yard signs.


I'm in front of a Chinese restaurant witnessing a hostage crisis. The police have not cordoned off the street so there are lots of gawkers. Inside a Chinese man is writing something at a table with the wait staff. It doesn't look to terribly tense inside. I'm now inside and ask one of the waiters what's going on. He tells me the man came in with a large party and is rewriting the bill.

Monday, December 03, 2007

I'm in high school sitting in a large classroom. We've just been delivered a box of pencils and I'm sharpening one. It crumbles immediately in the sharpener and by the time it's sharp, there's only about 10% left. I show this to the teacher and she seems very annoyed with me. I start ranting about the School Supply Industrial Complex and begin yelling to the rest of the class, "They already serve us z-grade meat in the cafeteria, now there sending us crap for supplies so we're buy more! WE'RE paying for this stuff!"

No one is listening to me so I sit down. An Asian kid next to me starts getting in my face, saying how I don't represent him. I ask him if he means as an Asian or as a student. He keeps hitting my hat & getting too close and I ask him to step off.

I try a box of pens and they all seem fine. Still angry, I dump out all the pencils and start to sharpen them. Many are already broken. The teacher sees what I'm doing and instead of noticing the quality of the pencils she is exasperated by what I'm doing.