Tuesday, October 30, 2001

I was looking for somebody with a goup of people, I think 2 women and a guy among us. We approached a black supermodel-type woman (Naomi Campbell maybe?) who was on her knees doing some gardening. We walked by her, stepping over her work. She got up and complained to someone in my group about our rudeness. Then a woman in our party complimented her on her long braids. I remember thinking that the flattery was a good tact to calm her down. She was the woman we were suppose to meet.

there's more but I can't remember.

Monday, October 29, 2001

okay, slept for 10 hours and have this long-winded thing to show for it...

I was in high school, the same high school I had dreamt of before. I was sitting in a math or science class I didn't really want to be in. I though I saw Ashley Brady a few seats in front of me.

Then my mom was on a plane on her way back from some errand. I tried calling her cell phone but it wouldn't work. An operator (or recorded message) eventually transfered me to her phone on the plane. I needed to know when she was coming in so I could pick her up.

She had to go to work and was worried about me & Susannah getting something to eat. We were in some restaurant/market and she was trying to plate up some pickled radishes and Chinese vegetables. We told her that we'd just grab lunch at the cafeteria near Subway and meet her later. She agreed and left.

We were sitting at a restaurant table with Chad and talking to a group of young Subway employees. They were all young Chinese guys. They talked about how one Subway was owned by all Spanish speakers and another was owned by all Chinese speakers. They also knew who my parents were and who I was.

A little girl in the restaurant had a tiny kitten in her hands and was beggin her parents to let her keep it. They wouldn't and she cried all the way out the door. Later another little girl had the same kitten and her mother took it away. it was particularly tiny.


Sunday, October 28, 2001

I've had lots of vivid & complicated dreams lately, couldn't remember 'em, though.

I few mornings ago I dreamt about shopping with my Cousin Li Hong, May & Mercedes.

Sunday, October 21, 2001

I was standing in front of a movie theater with an older guy and Ryan Phillipe. Ryan was wearing a t-shirt or a costume of Robocop 4. The older guy (who I was with) pulled out a large pistol and pointed it at Ryan, trying to intimidate him. I also pulled out a gun at Ryan. Ryan tried to stay cool and play it off as a joke. I then pointed my pistol at a movie marquee across the street and a block away, asking, "do you think I can hit it?" I aimed and fired, putting a hole in the sign. I then ran into the theater behind us, feeling guilty. I started heading up the stairs and ran into Steve Schultz (from work). He asked me if I was going to see War of the Worlds (or Not of This Earth) today. I was distracted and didn't want to commit. I asked him what time it was playing. he said 3pm. He also said this special cut had some obscure children's song in it. I said I might see it and kept going up the stairs, feeling nervous.

Friday, October 19, 2001

Susannah & I were up some some balcony or fire escape watching some cars and people below. A bunch of cars pulled up and police/military people scattered out into the street. I had the impression they were Italian but Pakistan's General Mushariff was among them.

Then, right below us on the landing, a large bald thug was attacking some woman. I grabbed Susannah's keys, reached down and scratched him acorss the face. He started coming after me and I began running up the stairs. Somehow my legs were very sore and I couldn't run very fast.

that's it.

Tuesday, October 16, 2001

I can't remember a lot of this morning's dream, had them sort of early like 4 & 5 am.

I dreamt that we were in a movie theater and trying to find all our friends so we could sit together. There was also some situation where Tamara and I were hugging and my shirt got snagged on hers. It was kinda awkward. I can't remember which of our other friends were involved.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

I dreamt that Adam, Cathy, Susannah, Tamara and I were all supposed to go on a boatig trip. We all waited around at the dock for Tamara. I finally decided to call her on her cell phone (she doesn't actually have a cell phone). I kept dialing the wrong numbers. Finally I figured out the number (it ended up being my cell number). While I was doing this I saw Veronica Majano in line. I felt embarassed to talk to her for some reason. Then it turned out that Tamara didn't want to go because of Adam & Cathy.

The rest of the dream involved being in a restaurant and seeing someone famous. It's very muddled.

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

I dream that we were shooting a scene in Chad's house. It felt more like a play since there were no cameras rolling. Chad asked me what we were going to do with the sound -- if we were going to rerecord all of it in post. I said we should get as much from actual shooting as possible to get the sounds consistent. We were shooting in a front room in his flat. I was standing behind a shelf or a dresser and watching the action. It was a talky scene involving a man, a woman and one other person while Chad stood by and watched.

In another room in the house, we had an off-camera discussion. I also asked if we should keep all the references to September 11 in. I argued that the event doesn't permeate every single aspect of most people's lives. Nicole Kidman (who was suddenly in my movie/play) argued that we should. She asked if I didn't wake up crying all the time or feel a strong sense of sadness all the time. Another woman in the production agreed. We discussed it for a bit while Chad listened.

my first 9.11-related dream. I can definitely trace this one back to recent events (18MMW show among them).

this is the second in a series of very literal, non-fantastic dreams.

Tuesday, October 09, 2001

Sunday Morning 10/7

I saw a young Asian couple getting attacked by these two guys on the street. I ran over to fight them off and did so, though awkwardly and clumsily. I then told the couple ti run for it. The man ran for an outbound 38 Geary bus, as I yelled for them to go the other way. I led the girl to the other side of the street and hid in a doorway so the two guys wouldn't find us. It was raining really hard, then suddenly it cleared up and the sun came out. I was quite surprised to see that sudden change. We stood closely together behind a crowd at the bus stop.

I can't help remembering that I had ever-so-slight ulterior motives for the girl since her boyfriend was gone.


Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Sunday morning: 9/30

Something about running an orphanage...
Saturday morning: 9/29

I dreamt that I was home in KY and helping set up for a holiday dinner. We kept moving tables around to make room for everyone in a small space. I also talked to my neice Mercedes, except she was a boy. I can't remember what I was talking to her about. I then went to the bathroom, which was very small and barely had room for me to stand in front of the toilet.