Wednesday, October 10, 2001

I dream that we were shooting a scene in Chad's house. It felt more like a play since there were no cameras rolling. Chad asked me what we were going to do with the sound -- if we were going to rerecord all of it in post. I said we should get as much from actual shooting as possible to get the sounds consistent. We were shooting in a front room in his flat. I was standing behind a shelf or a dresser and watching the action. It was a talky scene involving a man, a woman and one other person while Chad stood by and watched.

In another room in the house, we had an off-camera discussion. I also asked if we should keep all the references to September 11 in. I argued that the event doesn't permeate every single aspect of most people's lives. Nicole Kidman (who was suddenly in my movie/play) argued that we should. She asked if I didn't wake up crying all the time or feel a strong sense of sadness all the time. Another woman in the production agreed. We discussed it for a bit while Chad listened.

my first 9.11-related dream. I can definitely trace this one back to recent events (18MMW show among them).

this is the second in a series of very literal, non-fantastic dreams.


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