Monday, October 29, 2001

okay, slept for 10 hours and have this long-winded thing to show for it...

I was in high school, the same high school I had dreamt of before. I was sitting in a math or science class I didn't really want to be in. I though I saw Ashley Brady a few seats in front of me.

Then my mom was on a plane on her way back from some errand. I tried calling her cell phone but it wouldn't work. An operator (or recorded message) eventually transfered me to her phone on the plane. I needed to know when she was coming in so I could pick her up.

She had to go to work and was worried about me & Susannah getting something to eat. We were in some restaurant/market and she was trying to plate up some pickled radishes and Chinese vegetables. We told her that we'd just grab lunch at the cafeteria near Subway and meet her later. She agreed and left.

We were sitting at a restaurant table with Chad and talking to a group of young Subway employees. They were all young Chinese guys. They talked about how one Subway was owned by all Spanish speakers and another was owned by all Chinese speakers. They also knew who my parents were and who I was.

A little girl in the restaurant had a tiny kitten in her hands and was beggin her parents to let her keep it. They wouldn't and she cried all the way out the door. Later another little girl had the same kitten and her mother took it away. it was particularly tiny.



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