Thursday, August 30, 2001

I was in an arcade with Susannah, walking around. It seemed like they were closed. I found a 2-seater sit-down flying game that had credits in it. I hopped in and took the throttle. It was a combat flying mission with extremely good looking graphics. Not quite photo-real but really nice. Apparently I was flying a GI Joe plane, fending off Cobra planes, choppers and ground units. I tried the machine gun for a bit but it dodn't seem to do much damage. I then tried to master the rockets. I flew over some friendlies on the ground and almost shot at them accidentally. I then encountered an enemy firing at me. The bullets were very realistic looking as they wizzed at me. It was the most intense game I'd ever (imagined having) played.

I can't remember if Susannah was irritated waiting for me or not.

the thing about my dreams lately is that they've been particularly vivid. Either that or I'm remembering more pieces of them. A dream website recommended that one wakes slowly, lie in bed awhile and replay the dream. I have enough trouble getting up as it is. Besides, I usually hit the snooze and try to return to my dream instead of trying to remember it.

oh well. Either way this blog will see some regular postings. I hope.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

The only dream I remotely remember from last night was when I just fell asleep around 11:30. It had something to do with WRFL and me being sort of arrogant to somebody. I can't recall. I was too sleepy to turn the computer back on to log it. Otherwise, had the usual vivid dreams this morning, but they all faded the minute I opened my eyes. Why does this always have to be a struggle. What do I have to do for a little lucidity?

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

I was in a hotel lobby with a few other people. A guy came out and announced a battle between two people. He talked like the announcer from BattleBots. I looked over at the other people in the lobby and saw them going to the other side. I thought they might have another match to watch, but they were all gathering around a TV. I stood by and watched the two men come out. One was a lumberjack-like fellow with a huge spiked mace. He looked more teddy bear than grizzly, more chubby than stocky. As the bell rang, the other man flailed at the teddy bear-guy, forcing him to drop his weapon. I walked around the fight as the teddy bear-guy came after me. I was pissed and started beating on him (quite effortlessly at that).

that's about it.

slept badly last night, had itchy fingers and bug bites. ack.

Monday, August 27, 2001

This morning had several short vivid dreams, though I can only remember 2:

I was cleaning out the floor under some furniture and found some rabbit food... Can't remember much else. Dammit, shoulda written it all up when I woke up.

The other involved me and someone else looking at stuff in a room. There was a British cop in the room and we were nervous. Then we tried to leave and couldn't find the door in the floor that lead to the stairs to go down. Then the cop either threatened us or tried to coerce us. I finally found the hidden trap door and went down a few steps. It was dank and wet and dungeon-like. I came back up and asked the cop if he was trying to kill us or what...

that's all.

Thursday, August 23, 2001

Dreamt this morning that I was visiting Amoeba. I was standing in line to buy some stuff. I was talking to a couple of Amoeba employees behind me in line. They asked me why I was standing in line, I told them I felt uncomfortable going behind the counter. They also said that the case-switching job (which I never actually held) when to shit after I left. I noticed David James with a beard behind the counter.

there was more to it, I can't remember.

I've also had trouble recalling other recent and vivid dreams.

Saturday, August 18, 2001

Had my first SF Gate-related dream this morning.

I can't remember what it was about, just that Robert Hernandez lead me to some place where I also saw Cammie Toloui. that's it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

been woefully irresponsible with my postings lately. Had two days straight of intense, vivid dreams. All forgotten, of course. argh.

Tuesday, August 07, 2001

This is from a few mornings ago:

I dreamt I was in an electronics store or something owned by my family. Someone tripped over some stuff in the store and ran off with a huge diamond that was hidden in something. The guy seemed to be my brother (or at least part of our family). The matriarch talked about how we could maybe claim insurance on the supposed theft. I made some reference to the movie "Snatch."

I should really write these down sooner, I can't remember much now.
this is a late entry, maybe from last Tuesday (7/31)?

I had a dream that looked like a comic book ala Dave McKean's artwork. Very graphical but also very multimedia. Photos, collages, paintings and drawings. I was at once looking at it and being in it. I also noticed that it flickered with what looked like scratches on celluloid -like an old film. I don't remember what the dream was about.

Wednesday, August 01, 2001

All I remember this morning is being at a restaurant with Susannah, Lucy & Ethan. We just sat silently, waiting for our food. I couldn't remember if it felt awkward or not. I watched another table talking. I then proposed a toast, sarcastically, to the new economy. We all toasted. Susannah and Ethan had cups of tea, Lucy and I had glasses of water.

boring, eh?