Thursday, June 27, 2002

I was watching some TV show (from the set) about some cop or secret agent who had cameras set up all over his house. The guy was in his 30s and looked like Simon Baker (though I was under the impression he was Robert Urich). He had two kids and lived in a large Spanish villa with his two boys.

woke up humming Guns N' Roses' "Out To Get Me"

Monday, June 24, 2002

I was living with a "team" on one floor of a house. It was either some kind of special assignment or a game show. There was a fight or disagreement with two women. I tried to separate them, leading one of them, a butch athlete, downstairs to work out & cool off. I get downstairs, a floor I'm familiar with, but can't seem to find the exercise room. I ask a couple people on that floor. They lead me to a room that used to be the exercise room but had been converted into a music/dancing room. There was a loud noise upstairs and everyone went up to see. Two other people on my team were arguing. I got annoyed and wished I could live downstairs.
Sun 6/23/2002:

AJ and I are going to a large Home Depot-like place. We keep switching as drivers for a rental car we're using. It handles like a Honda Accord but it's a Ford. We stop at the toll gate for the parking lot and wait for an attendant to fill out a form. He has me read and sign some form before letting us enter the parking structure. The first floor of the lot is all handicapped parking, so we head up to the next level. There are lots of people walking around. We get to a different level and see some toys on a display. I go over (we're now on foot) to check out some stuffed alligator toys (like the ones from the 80s, only irradescent). I say to AJ that George & Beth's new baby might like it.

There was some tension or annoyance between us the whole time.

Monday, June 17, 2002

Saturday 6/15/2002:

I'm in a dark room eating breakfast/lunch with Peter (Susannah's boss). He was talking to me about getting me a job at his company. He discussed it for a while and finally put in a call to his boss. The boss wasn't there and Peter left him a message. He said I'd be good for some specific task (inventory?) that some woman was currently doing. Since her contract was coming up (and she wasn't that good at her job to begin with), I'd be a good candidate for the job. I just sat and listened the whole time while trying to spoon up some chicken curry and rice. There were some other people milling around the room.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Tuesday 6/11/2002:

I'm on my way to work to check in (we all have the day off but we have to come by the office). Susannah is supposed to meet me for dinner later. She calls my cell to tell me she's on her way. I tell her to meet me at work/restaurant and we'd leave together. Tamara also calls and is supposed to drop off a present for me. I also tell ehr to meet me there. I arrive at work/restaurant. There are beautifully decorated cakes on every table. I have to step in some of them just to move through the room. The icing tastes really good. At my table, there's some Moroccan food set out. A few other co-workers show up to get their things. Susannah calls again, I tell her the restaurant where we're supposed to meet (the one I'm in) is closed. There's no staff on duty and it's only open to us, the employees, to come get our stuff. I tell her she can either stop by and we can go elsewhere or she can come and we can eat the food that's already here. Meanwhile, Tamara arrives and I gesture for her to wait as I keep giving Susannah instructions on getting here.

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Monday 6/10/2002:

Something about location scouting...

then I'm watching a new Star Wars movie. A rabbit is playing in a field when a digital snake (with a head on each end) came up and swallowed it.
Sunday 6/9/2002:

I'm at work around 11AM, the boss comes in, makes an announcement about leaving. Everyone packs up and takes the rest of the day off. As I leave the office (a large undivided space), I see three people who've stayed behind to work. As I exit the building, I notice a subway entrance near the door (that I'd never seen before). I enter it, trying to consciously remember the route. Other people walk brsikly about. I'm near the turnstiles when we hear a train coming. We all scramble to get thru the gates and jump on the train just as it pulls off. The train is only a metal framework with no walls or windows. People are yelling for a woman to get off the top of the train and get back inside "the plane." Chris Hapka was a few rows ahead of me in the same train car. We talked about the new subway entrance (which he already knew about).

When I get back home, it's still daylight out. There's a party winding down. I'm about to go to bed. I make the rounds to make sure everyone can get home safely. A woman reporter who just finished interviewing my dad gets ready to leave. I offer to let her stay the night in one of our many spare bedrooms.

As I look out the window, I see lots of kids, older men and other people milling around. I yell for a few of the teenagers to be quiet. I tell them "dad" is asleep in the living room. I make some comment to a Junior Soprano-looking guy about all the noise.

Later, at the same place, my parents (Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne) come up to me and give me 3 clusters of chicken bones. I check each one out and ask them how much they are.

Monday, June 03, 2002


I was a cop in a police precinct. We were after some suspect (a kidnapper?). we're in a train car (which is part of the station) when a suspect is brought in. He's young and blonde and cocky. We sit him down and question him. It seems there's a bounty on my head and he's here to collect it. He's very hauhty and proud. As I interrogate him, I produce a bottle of his hair gel or shaving cream and pour it all over his thinning hair. I also mockingly refer to him as Boba Fett.

I whisper to another cop to put two guards on this train car and to call a meeting in the conference room as soon as I could go to the bathroom. I take Susannah and we exit the train car. We jump a small gap at the end of the car and walk into a dark, underground tunnel (to the rest of the police station). As a man passes us, I get very suspicious and nervous.

I enter the men's room to find about six people, most of them women. I announce that we have to clear the bathroom out for 15-20 minutes for routine maintainence (I actually wanted to hold the cops' meeting here). I tell them they can use the women's room. One women tells me that the women's room is out of service. Another woman questions my order. (I'd mentioned something about seeing something on the E! channel. She was now quizzing me to see if I'd actually seen the show.) I had to bang on some of the stalls to chase people out. A woman came out of the first stall and told me there was a younger woman in there who'd OD'd. I got very antsy and called for a medic. My Lieutenant (Asian?) came in and I whispered to ask him if we could hold the meeting in here. He said fine. I was very nervous as I scanned the room for unfamiliar faces.

Somehow I ended up yelling at all the cops that someone inside the staion was trying to kill me. I was very frustrated and nervous the whole time.
Sunday 6/2/2002:

Josh, another person and I are on the run from a slew of armed men. We are trying to plan our escape in the lobby of a multistory building. I'm anxious to go but wait for Josh, who's putting some papers together on the floor. It looks like he's copying info from a film festival schedule. I ask him why he can't just take it. I hear footsteps coming up the stairwell and get ready to waylay them if need be. It turns out to be just a really short older lady. I run around to check all the stairwells. So far, everything's clear.

Woke up humming Fugees' "Ooh La La La."
Saturday 6/1/2002:

Susannah & I are watching the bunnies play in the living room. Peanut (the un-neutered boy) is jumping around in a sexual display around Salty (the fixed girl). We got sort of excited and wished that they could have sex without Salty getting pregnant. Susannah got down on her hands and knees to attract Peanut. A young man (a younger me) got behind her and began to remove her pants. We (as narrators) commented that Peanut wouldn't know how to remove pants in the wild. The young me begins to enter Susannah. I (the regular me) get excited and get behind the young man and begin rubbing myself against him. I get a little too excited and back off them to basturbate as they have sex. As they keep fucking, they turn into Janet Jackson and a younger brother. (Somehow all of this makes sense and none of it is weird or wrong - in fact, everyone is happy for them). They move about the room (which has now become a high school dance floor with other people present). There are some school officials standing around (including CCH Pounder as the principal and a grizzled older guy (a Sam Elliott-type) as the head of security. They are upset at the incestuous scene and debate what to do about it.

Woke up humming Alice in Chains' "It Ain't Like That."