Monday, July 23, 2007

I'm a film director taking one of my actresses home after a shoot. She's very young & there's the air of impropriety about the whole thing as we ride in my car.

Later, I see the girl's mother (an obese woman in a red grocery store smock) coming from my store. The gate is down but the neon OPEN sign is still on. It's late Saturday night & the store is closed on Sunday. I don't want the sign to be on needlessly for 36 hours so I head into the stor to turn it off. Inside, I can't remember the alarm code & keep punching in incorrect sequences. Finally, someone else comes along & turns the alarm off (the code was 5040).

The next morning, I'm standing in the darkness of the store, making sure there's no one else there. The man from last night rushes in with his gun drawn & questions me. I tell him it's only me & he's irate at me, asking me why I was lurking. as we start to leave, a stranger rushes by and we take him down. He's got a handful of comic books with him. In the book a dog is killed and the man with the gun demands, "So you killed a dog. What else have you done?!"


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